Wizard World Tulsa – Info post and pro tips

Wizard World Austin maybe over, but fans still have a chance to meet Sebastian at Wizard Tulsa in October. The dates are October 21 – 23, with VIP packages available for both day’s that Sebastian is attending (Saturday and Sunday).

Here are pro tips based on my own experience at Philadelphia Comic Con and that of my friends who attended other conventions, plus fan accounts on social media. I hope these are helpful for you, so that you can have the best experience 🙂 !

Pro tips:
– Regardless of the package, you will have opportunity to have the event that you paid for, whether that is autograph or photo op.
– Pay attention to schedule for photo ops and autographs, they can change depending on the overall con schedule
– Ask a volunteer or worker at the convention if you’re not sure where the line starts or when it starts.
– Everyone’s experience at con’s is different and while those are great to get inspiration on, enjoy your own experience at the convention, as all experiences will be different.
– Expectations: Given the fan stories, photos, and all other reports, it’s obvious fans had a great time, but a few didn’t (that sucks 🙁 !), set reasonable expectations for your experience and focus on having fun.

Photo Ops:
– These are 3-4 seconds long, they’re lightening quick.
– Depending on the security guard or photographer, you may be limited to poses, props, and reshoots of the picture. This can vary per person, I’ve read many different fan accounts of this.
If you want to do a pose, plan ahead on what you want to say.
– Have fun 🙂

– From what I read, you may get more time then the photo op, at least 6 seconds (anything is longer than the photo op, right?) to get your item signed and talk to Sebastian.
– Gifts! I’ve seen fans give Sebastian gifts at the autographs, so if you have something to give him, here’s your chance.

Convention Information
Details regarding Sebastian’s appearance and events



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