Wizard World Tulsa – Fan Stories – Beth and the greatest, best hug ever !

If you were on social media during Sebastian’s panel at Wizard World Tulsa and watching the live streaming video of the panel, then you saw him run into the audience to a hug a fan that was so nervous during her time to ask him a question.
That fan is Beth! Known as sebtatestan on Twitter and a big fan of Sebastians. She was so kind to share her story with SebastianStanZone.com.

As a long time fan of Sebastian, I’m always touched by how gracious he is to his fans but this is a particularly special moment that reaffirmed why I support him and his career.
There were so many fantastic stories from fans who’ve met Sebastian and attended Wizard World Tulsa! I’m posting a series of stories that were submitted by fans to share on SebastianStanZone.com. If you check out Tumblr, you’ll find many more amazing stories and photos too!

Beth’s Story – 10.22.2016
Sebastian Stan. The man behind so many iconic characters. The man that would do anything to make his fans happy. Something I know about first hand.
To be honest, I had came to Wizard World Saturday not expecting much. Just getting to see Seb. Maybe ask him a question. However, I had proved my own self wrong because.. Well, I got up to the microphone and I looked into his eyes. I got extremely extremely extremely nervous. I couldn’t even remember the question that I had in mind.
I could vaguely remember people yelling out to hug me.

The only thing I remember next was Sebastian running off the stage.. A huge, genuine smile on his face as he ran towards me. Then, I feel his arms encircle me.
I could feel him picking me up off the ground as if I were a rag doll or a light feather pillow. I could feel his jacket scratching my arm and seeing his bright face in my vision.
I remember him saying that it was going to be okay. “It’s going to be okay.” I remember hearing him say over and over again. I remember him spinning me around and guys, I still remember the flight sensation of being spun. I felt safe. I felt protected. Something I never thought I would feel. It wasn’t just a hug, it was more of a beat hug. So genuine.

He is a bright ray of sunshine and a person that I’m proud to say I admire. All I can say is that my reaction to seeing him had been genuine. I really did forget my question. I really did get extremely nervous. I’m just glad that out of everyone there.. he bear hugged me.. and that’s something I’ll never be able to forget.

Sebastian Stan surprises a fan with a great experience at Wizard World Tulsa – Saturday

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From Wizard World Instagram-Story



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