Updates on Sebastian Stan’s Romanian Interview for Stirile ProTv – Details on how to watch it!

Hi Sebastian Stan fans 🙂 ! Here’s an update on Sebastian’s upcoming interview this week, that airs in Romania and should be available to stream on December 1st.
The following information is provided by fans to me, to share on the site. Thank you so much for helping, I appreciate it!
As more details are added, I will update this post!

  • Recent update: My correspondence and friend in Romania confirmed that Sebastian Stan’s interview will air on the tv channel at 8 PM in Romania on Dec 1st.
  • The interview will be online on December 1st at stirileprotv.ro and will be translated with subtitles.
  • Fans can watch the Tv program online here stirileprotv*ro/protvnews/ on December 1st (European time zone) in Romanian. Later in day the interview will be added, with English subtitles, on the website.
  • In Romania there are lot of TV channels. The TV channel that will aire the interview with Sebastian is Pro TV. This is the ONLY channel airing the ad/commercial in which Sebastian says “I was born in Romania”.  His interview is part of a Special News about the Romanian National Day (1 December). It´s possible to watch that channel with a mobile app (free on Google play).

To convert your timezone – go to this site!

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