Social Media Frenzy day! Sebastian Stan at the gym with Don Saladino and a store opening for designer Todd Snyder!

Tuesday started out with a live video on Don Saladino’s gym’s Drive 495 page of him and Sebastian working out. There were shenanigans, shout outs, and so many gif-able moments, I think Tumblr passed out.

Then Sebastian attended a store opening for designer Todd Snyder. Sebastian took photos with the designer, his family, attendees, and other celebrities! It was a great night had by all and looked like everyone was enjoying themselves.
To see pictures of the King of Bomber jackets in HQ and from social media, check out the bottom of this post.
BONUS: There are videos.

Todd Snyder opening:

12062016ToddSnyderopening16.jpg 12062016ToddSnyderopening18.jpg 12062016ToddSnyderopening19.jpg 12062016ToddSnyderopening20.jpg

12062016-ig-mr_a_mazing27 12062016-ig-toddsnyderny 12062016-ig-cece_snyder1


From Sebastian’s Weibo:




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