About Us

Our origin story, minus gratuitous shirtless shot of Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth…

In a galaxy far far away…wait! Wrong story, let me start that again. I watched The Covenant because I liked the genre and thought “hey, this might be cool”. I enjoyed the movie and discovered Sebastian Stan, but sort of filed him in my “References” folder of my mind with the reasoning that “He’s a great actor and he’s handsome.”

2 years later, I was watching NBC television drama “Kings” and did that thing, where you know you’ve seen something before but can’t quite place it, or “Seb-deja vu”. After realizing it was the same actor I saw in The Covenant a few years later, I continued watching the series to see where his character would go.

Since then, I indirectly watched all of Sebastian’s films subconsciously, without realizing he was in them. I dubbed that the “Surprise Sebastian” effect.  Around 2014, I created a Google Alert on Sebastian’s career updates. I felt like I leveled up in the video came Sebastian Stan’s Fan Super Awesome Adventure Volume 5 for PS4.

Fast forward to June 2016, where I was given this brilliant idea to create a fan site for Sebastian. One that was “on fleek”, not too serious, informative, and above all things a fun place for fans to enjoy.