Sebastian Stan surprises a fan with a great experience at Wizard World Tulsa – Saturday

As many of you saw yesterday from the live streaming of Sebastian’s panel at Wizard World Tulsa, he surprised a fan with a hug as she asked her question.
Tulsa World wrote a great piece on the event as well as the fan with quotes on other fans who attended the panel.

Wizard World: Winter Soldier actor gives fan Stan-tastic experiencetulsaworld10222016-1

Best day of your life?

“Right now, it’s this,” Bethanie Ellis said Saturday.

Ellis, 19, trekked from Monett, Missouri, to downtown Tulsa to attend the 2016 Wizard World Tulsa pop culture convention. She made the trip because she wanted to see actor Sebastian Stan, who was among celebrity guests at the show.

Whatever Ellis was expecting, she got more than that.

She stood in line with other fans to ask Stan a question during his Q-and-A session at the Cox Business Center.

She knew what question she wanted to ask.

But when she stepped up to the microphone, her legs started shaking and she “freaked out.”

In a nervous voice, she said, “I don’t remember what I was going to say.”

Someone from the audience broke the silence by yelling “somebody give her a hug.”

So that’s what Stan did. He got up out of his chair on stage, walked to the microphone and turned a potentially tragic moment for Ellis into a magic moment by giving her a consoling embrace.

“It’s going to be all right,” Stan told her.

The “awwwww!” moment was cheered by audience members. Post-hug, Ellis was composed enough to ask the question she wanted to ask. And, after briefly returning to her seat, she had to leave to gather her emotions because she was still in shock, according to her grandmother.

After the panel ended, Ellis said, “I’m like, this is not real. Sebastian Stan did not just pick me up and hug me like a rag doll!”

People come to pop culture conventions like Wizard World Tulsa for different reasons. Some shop for comics, toys and art. Some wear costumes and enjoy posing for photos. Some come to meet their favorite celebrities and, in Ellis’ case, she wound up with a day she’ll never forget.

Wizard World stages a series of pop culture conventions around the nation. Tulsa is a tour stop for the third consecutive year. The 2016 show will continue through Sunday with Q&A sessions featuring actors Will Friedle, Christy Carlson Romano, Adrian Paul and Henry Winkler.

Wizard World does not announce attendance figures, but the convention floor was packed Saturday and, at times, so was a ballroom that served as the site of some celebrity panels.

tulsaworld10222016-2Billy Boyd, Kimberly J. Brown, Evanna Lynch, William Shatner, Joey Fatone, Michael Rooker, Jason David Frank, James Marsters and professional wrestler Finn Balor were scheduled for Saturday panels.

Stan, who plays the Winter Soldier in the Marvel cinematic universe, was a first-time Wizard World Tulsa guest. Here’s what was learned: Don’t underestimate the Winter Soldier’s appeal.

Kristina Hunter traveled from Minnesota to see Stan. She arrived outside Cox Business Center at 5:50 a.m. to be first in line at the entrance and gain the best seat possible for Stan’s panel, which began at 11 a.m.

“Originally I was supposed to go to Chicago to see him, but he canceled at the last minute because he had to film in Ireland, so I rescheduled for Tulsa,” Hunter said.

Behind Hunter in line were Addie Marshall, who lives in Mississippi, and Ziyu Cui, a Notre Dame student from China.

They showed up before the convention doors opened because they wanted to sit as close to Stan as possible. They said they didn’t get to sit as close as they wanted at other conventions.

Cui said Stan has a huge fan base. What is it about him?

“He’s perfect,” she said. “That’s it. He’s perfect.”

Forty-five minutes before Stan’s panel was scheduled to begin, the line outside the ballroom door had reached about 350 people. Only one of them got a hug.

While at the microphone, Ellis said this to Stan after her hug: “You smell really good.”



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