Sebastian Stan interviewed for StirileProTV by Rares Nastase – New Candid Pictures!

Rares Nastase interviewed Sebastian Stan yesterday at Merriweather NYC coffee bar (Click here for our first post) ! The video interview will be shown in Romania and then posted to in a few weeks!

Rares posted photos from the interview on his official Facebook page, check them out below:

11162016raresnastaseoficialFB-1.jpg 11162016raresnastaseoficialFB-10.jpg 11162016raresnastaseoficialFB-2.jpg 11162016raresnastaseoficialFB-3.jpg 11162016raresnastaseoficialFB-4.jpg
11162016raresnastaseoficialFB-5.jpg 11162016raresnastaseoficialFB-6.jpg 11162016raresnastaseoficialFB-7.jpg 11162016raresnastaseoficialFB-8.jpg 11162016raresnastaseoficialFB-9.jpg


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