Sebastian Stan filming Infinity War! Shares new photo with Winter Soldier stunt doubles!

The moment the internet has been waiting for: Sebastian Stan starts filming his scenes for Infinity War! There was no formal confirmation from the studio or media outlets, but Sebastian was clever in posting a selfie photo with him and his stunt doubles:¬†James Young and Greg Rementer. Young and Rementer were Sebastian’s stunt doubles for both Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War.

No word or update his been released on Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier’s role in Infinity War, but as we know, Sebastian has a 9 movie deal with Marvel Studios, so hopefully his role will be even more expanded in this film. Theories from fans allude that Bucky will take up the Shield if Steve Rogers/Captain America’s role is vacated. I have a hunch Chris Evans isn’t ready to give up the Cap role so we’ll see.

Much Speculation. Such Rumors. 


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