Sebastian Stan appearence at Wizard World Tulsa – Pro Tips Updated Post – Photo Op Schedule

Pick a pair of comfy shoes, practice your photo op posing, because we’re going to get you ready for Wizard World Tulsa!
If you read our earlier pro tips post, you have a general idea on what to expect (but if you’ve been living under a Tumblr rock, then here’s the link to it).

I’ve been talking to Sebastian Stan fans all over the internet and answering questions for them on the con experience. So it sounds like the right time for an updated pro tips post.

Friendly reminder: every con experience is different, so don’t set your expectations on what other fans experienced. Enjoy, have fun, and make your own memories.

My pro tips are based on my experience at Wizard World Philadelphia and what I’ve heard from other fans, but I am by no means the “go to person” for information.

Wizard World Tulsa site
Wizard World Tulsa Photo Op Schedule – please save this link, and refresh it often the day of your photo op. The times may change and you want to be prepared.

  • Comfy shoes and hydration. You’ll be standing a lot, like a lot…for hours.
  • Get their early, grab a map, and familiarize yourself with the autograph, photo op, and panel locations.
  • Set reminders on your phone for your event times.
  • Be prepared for craziness. This means, lots of crowds, lots of volunteers telling you wrong or right information, and for things to change.
    Times of events can change for any reason, so don’t be afraid to ask if you’re not sure or want more information.
  • HAVE FUN !

Also, let us know how your experience went or share your story on meeting Seb, we’d love to share it on the site.


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