Lara has a quick encounter with Sebastian Stan – New fan story and photo!

Sebastian Stan posting for a photo with a fan, while he’s covered in cake will make the day and headline of every fan Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram! Primarily, because he’s covered in cake, but also because it’s another example of Sebastian being ever so gracious, as always, with his fans.

I contacted Lara to ask her about this quick encounter and to share her photo with you all on Sebastian Stan Zone. Your photo with Sebastian is so fun and adorable! Is there a story behind it?

Lara: Thank you 😊 Yes you may post it on your site, I ran into him near my building and he was covered in cake, I told him I was a huge fan of his work and he was so wonderfully nice and took the picture with me 🤗 Hope you have a great day and good luck with your site 🙂

Here’s the picture of this sweet moment!
Congrats Lara and thank you for sharing it with us.


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