Hope Ann Gregory meets Sebastian Stan at Wizard World (Best Cosplay Ever)

As I was following the social media updates from Wizard World Tulsa last weekend, I noticed in photos that one of the fans waiting on line to enter the panel was in a Hope Ann Gregory cosplay. If you haven’t seen The Bronze (seriously, Lance Tucker, guys…GUYS?!), then you may not know who Hope is, but if you have then you’ll appreciate this! Either way, it makes for a funny and memorable story and the pictures are fantastic.

After finding the fan on Instagram, I messaged Emily to compliment her on her epic cosplay and ask about the history behind it. After a short conversation, I’d ask if she’d share her story of the weekend and cosplay with the site.

Thank you so much to Emily and Hedda for creating this cosplay and sharing their experience with SebastianStanZone.com

Emily’s story:

I’d like to say the idea for cosplaying Hope was solely mine, but it was my friend, Hedda, who initially planted the idea in my brain.  As soon as she said it, my immediate thought was, “Oh my God…that’s GENIUS!”  What really appealed to me most about this was the fact that I hadn’t seen pictures of anyone cosplaying Hope Ann Greggory yet, so this might be a first for Sebastian to see at a convention.  With that in mind, I set to work on creating a Hope costume, and hoped it would not only make Sebastian laugh, but also make Melissa Rauch proud.

This was honestly the easiest cosplay I’ve ever put together.  I found the jacket, pants, USA scrunchie, and the patches on Amazon.com, as well as a clip-on hair extension to give the illusion of Hope’s long ponytail (my real hair only comes down to my shoulders).  I also got a pair of white tennis shoes from Payless, added blue shoelaces, and also glued patches that say COACH HOPE onto them.  For the back of the jacket, I could not find letter patches that were large enough, so I decided to use fabric paint with some lettering stencils from Walmart.  Thankfully, I got the effect I was hoping for.  I was also able to find a pair of cheap aviator sunglasses at Walmart.  Coincidentally, I already had a bronze medal that I’d won as a prize at work, and as soon as I started planning this costume, that became one of my first props.

A lot of people have asked me about that Dream-Killer shirt, and so here’s the story behind that.  I’ve actually had that shirt since after “The Bronze” first came out in March, but now had an excuse to incorporate it into my cosplay.  My friends Hedda, Sara, and I loved the movie so much that I decided to have that shirt designed for all three of us.  The front, of course, says, “Yo, keep your eyes offa my dream-killers,” and the back features a large bronze medal with a message underneath: “(Talking to you, Lance Tucker!)” I had to know what Sebastian’s reaction would be to it when I wore it to this convention.

Ideas for the photo ops themselves were another collaborative effort.  I was able to acquire the Sbaaro cups, since we still have one of those restaurants in my mall.   Hedda brought up the idea of using Burt’s Beeswax chapstick as a prop for him, and she also brought up the idea for the “Not the God of Gymnastics” sign.  I couldn’t pass these ideas up, so I’m grateful to the suggestions and encouragement that my friends–particularly Hedda and Sara–gave me as I put this costume together.  Thanks, guys.

In all honesty, I was expecting only a handful of people to get the reference to my outfit, but as soon as I walked into the convention on Saturday, I was shocked at the overwhelmingly positive reception the outfit.  So many people asked to take my picture, and complimented me on how spot-on my cosplay was to Hope’s appearance in the movie.  I was extremely flattered and, needless to say, very happy with everyone’s reaction to my outfit.  My goal to make Sebastian laugh was ultimately achieved as soon as I stood up to ask a question during his panel on Saturday morning, which he made even better by referring to a particularly risque scene from “The Bronze.” 😉

During photos ops, I could not have been happier with how playful Sebastian was with this.  He took it upon himself to actually uncap that chapstick for the desired effect, and his reaction to my Dream-Killers shirt was great.  I had no idea, though, that he was making that face behind me in the actual photo, so that got a good laugh out of me when I finally saw it for myself.  What amazed me even more was how my Instagram account basically EXPLODED overnight after I posted those pictures.  I could not believe how much people were reacting to and loving these pictures, especially for something that, to date, has been one of the simplest cosplays I’ve ever attempted.  I was even more elated when someone contacted me to say that Melissa Rauch had liked one of my photographs on Instagram, something that Sebastian confirmed when he saw me in the autograph line again on Sunday.

Two goals met, and now all I can think about is the next cosplay I want to do to see if it gets him to smile.


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