Jessica/Artinvent0r – Drawings

I’ve done about five drawings of Sebastian Stan overall. Four of them I’ve drawn with colored pencil, and the two I’ve chosen to show are done on brown-toned sketch paper. I use colored pencils for most of my drawings because I’m good at blending the colors to match the image. The second medium I use is charcoal, which i like to use because of the different kinds of shading you can do and how the details stand out nicely.

When I first really found out who Sebastian was, he was one of those things that once I took notice, it kept coming back to me until I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I soon found out more about his talent and dedication to his fans, and fell in love even more. Now he’s one of the people that I admire and adore the most. The drawings I’ve done are some of my favorite photos of him, done in the kind of compositions that I can do best. I’m positive that in the future I will create more drawings of him, and hopefully they will get better as I continue to do them.
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