Picnic – 2012

picnic Playwright: William Inge
Sam Gold
Role: Sebastian Stan (Hal)
Genres: Broadway Play
Season: 2012/2013
American Airlines Theatre (New York, NY)

Cast: Sebastian Stan (Hal), Maggie Grace, Madeleine Martin, Elizabeth Marvel, Ben Rappaport, Ellen Burstyn, Mare Winningham, Cassie Beck, Chris Perfetti, Reed Birney, Maddie Corman, Matthew Goodrich. picnic-hal

Plot Summary:
William Inge’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play Picnic returns to Broadway in a striking new production helmed by acclaimed director Sam Gold (Roundabout’s Look Back in Anger, Seminar). Passionate, sensual and delightfully funny, Picnic is a timeless American classic about the line between restraint and desire.


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