Labyrinth – 2012

labryinth2012 Role Type: Series Regular
Director: Christopher Smith
Role: Sebastian Stan (Will Franklyn)
Writer: Adrian Hodge, Kate Mosse
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Release Date: May 22 – 23, 2014 (Season 1, 2 episodes)


Cast: Sebastian Stan (Will Franklyn), John Hurt, Tom Felton, Jessica Brown Findlay. labryinth-r

Plot Summary:

She inherits a house in the South of France from an aunt she has never met; she is haunted by dreams of a woman from the past, whom she does not know; and now she stumbles upon an archaeological find that will bear witness to a genocide committed 800 years ago on European soil, which will lead ALICE TANNER to the secrets of the Holy Grail.

Alice had never been to this part of France, but she is driven by an inexplicable compulsion to find out the secrets of the past and of a mysterious woman who lived 800 years ago, ALAÏS. What is Alaïs trying to lead her to? Why can’t she shake the feeling that something monumental is at stake?

Alice knows that there are people willing to kill for whatever is behind the meaning of the labyrinth she found carved into the wall of a cave. But she must now race to find out what happened to Alaïs and how she can prevent the past from recurring. – Official Site

Airdate Episode Title
 May 22, 2014  1×1 – Episode 1.1
 May 23, 2014  1×2 – Episode 1.2

Episode Summary
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Episode 1.1 – In a town in medieval France, a 17-year-old girl named Alais is given a mysterious book, filled with depictions of a labyrinth and rumored to hold the secrets of the Holy Grail.

Episode 1.2 – Alice is haunted by visions of Alais, and begins to believe their destinies are somehow connected. After her life is threatened, Alice discovers that evil forces are maneuvering to seize three sacred books that will reveal the secrets of the Holy Grail, and it is her destiny to do everything in her power to stop them.

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